When we do this, we walk slowly while meditating on the movement of the legs. The key is to be conscious of the complete movement of the legs and feet. Research shows that Zen Walking reduces anxiety and depression.

  1. Find a path about twenty metres in length (about 65 feet)
  2. Stand at one end of the path.
  3. Take ten mindful breaths to relax.
  4. Begin to walk very slowly. While walking, observe how your legs move. You should be aware of the entire process of moving. Be aware of the movements of your arms as one leg goes forward and the other one stays behind.
  5. You might find it beneficial to label movements. For instance, say, “Left foot rising.” And then. “Left leg swinging forwards.” And so on.

When you reach the end of your path, turn around and repeat as many times as necessary until you reach some calmness.

SOURCE: www.thedailymeditation.com



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