“Am I Anxious” Quiz


Check your anxiety level with our MindRiseLife AM I ANXIOUS quiz©. This is not a diagnostic tool, it is only designed to help you get an insight into your current mood state. The list of symptoms below is by no means exhaustive, as it is only for informational purpose, but it contains the most common symptoms of anxiety.

Please keep in mind that this instrument is not a substitute for professional help, and if you are feeling overwhelmed, it is important to speak with a mental health professional.

We genuinely hope that our test can help you evaluate your mood at home on your own and away from the basic checklist and repetitive questions many of us have encountered.


Thinking back about the last 2 weeks, go through each item answering the following question:” how often have I experienced this symptom?” 

Sum up your answers for each of the three sections according to the scale below:

Not present= 0
Mild = 1
Moderate = 2
Severe = 3
Very Severe = 4

Then add up all three sums to get a total. Find out what your total result mean at the end of the test

We recommend doing this test several times for a period ranging from three to six months in order to get a more accurate picture of your mood state. Tally up your results each time and compare them with one another at the end of the three months (or 6 months) to see if the symptoms persist or not.