Also called meditation in motion, Tai Chi is a set of meditation techniques that can be practiced just about anywhere. You can learn via instructional videos or take classes.

Below is a sample of Tai Chi meditation exercises based on the article written by E.C. LaMeaux for Gaiam (https://www.gaiam.com/blogs/discover/4-tai-chi-meditation-techniques ).



Stand tall with your feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent, and toes pointing straight ahead. Hips are tucked forward, shoulders down and relaxed, and head held up.

Keeping your eyes closed, gently begin to inhale and exhale deep breaths through your nose. Keep the focus on your feet and their connection to the earth.

As you inhale, visualize pulling energy into your feet from the ground. This energy then travels up your legs and into the center of your inner strength (below the belly button). As you exhale, you send unclean energy back to the ground.

Alternatively, this meditation can be practiced while seated with arms circled and shoulders down, or holding the horse stance (feet wide apart beyond shoulder length, arms circled and shoulders down).

Add motion to your meditation by synchronizing your breaths with your movements.

Opening movements like opening hands in front of your chest are accompanied by inhalations.

Closing movements like hands coming together are accompanied with exhalations.


Opening movements:

lifting hands in front of your chest. Stepping forward. Pulling hands apart. Standing up. Moving hands up

Closing movements:

hands coming together or closing. Bringing hands down. Bending down




  1. Houda Avatar

    Bonjour, les techniques sont très intéressantes mais à appliquer juste en lisant s’avèrent plus compliquées.
    Il serait judicieux d’illustrer chaque technique avec une photo où un dessin montrant clairement la position à adopter.

    1. yasmina rebani Avatar
      yasmina rebani

      Bonjour Houda,

      Je vous remercie pour votre commentaire. Nous avons pris en compte vos remarques et feront certains ajustments pour simplifier les exercises que nous publions sur le site.

      Bonne journee

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