The following survey investigates your quality of sleep in the last month. For each question, please choose one of 4 possible answers:

  • Rarely ( none or 1-3 times a month) = 0
  • Sometimes (1-2 times a week) = 1
  • Often (3 to 5 times a week) = 2
  • Almost always (6 to 7 times a week) = 3


  1. I have difficulty falling asleep
  2. I fall into deep sleep
  3. I wake up while sleeping
  4. I have difficulty getting back to sleep once I wake up in the middle of the night
  5. I wake up easily because of noise
  6. I toss and turn
  7. I never go back to sleep after awakening during sleep
  8. I feel refreshed after sleep
  9. I feel unlikely to sleep after sleep
  10. Poor sleep gives me headaches
  11. poor sleep makes me irritated
  12. I would like to sleep more after waking up
  13. My sleep hours are enough
  14. Poor sleep makes me lose my appetite
  15. Poor sleep makes it hard for me to think
  16. I feel vigorous after sleep
  17. Poor sleep makes me lose interest in work and others
  18. My fatigue is relieved after sleep
  19. Poor sleep causes me to make mistakes at work
  20. I am satisfied with my sleep
  21. Poor sleep makes me forget things more easily
  22. Poor sleep makes it hard to concentrate at work
  23. Sleepiness interferes with my daily life
  24. Poor sleep makes me lose desire in all things
  25. I have difficulty getting out of bed
  26. Poor sleep makes me easily tired at work
  27. I have a clear head after sleep
  28. Poor sleep makes my life painful


First: reverse scores on items 2, 8, 9, 13, 16, 18, 20, and 27 as follows:

  • Rarely = 3
  • Sometimes = 2
  • Often = 1
  • Almost always = 0

Second: tally up your scores. Total scores can range between 0 and 84, with higher scores indicating more acute sleep problems.


Yi, H., Shin, K., & Shin, C. (2006). Development of
the sleep quality scale. Journal of Sleep Research,
15 (3), 309–316



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