For family members of cancer patients

  • A cancer diagnosis affects two groups of people: the patient and his close family.
  • Close family or loved ones are the patient’s emotional compass.
  • Their main role is to manufacture positive emotions, even when they feel hopelessness or despair.
  • They must maintain optimism at all time for both the patient and themselves, even if it is unrealistic.
  • They must be armed with the kind of patience than could only be bestowed on God.
  • They must maintain a pre-cancer routine for the patient for as long as possible. Remember, that routine is the patient’s only safe place away from cancer.
  • They must practice laughter and not avoid it out of guilt.
  • They must fight their anger with all their might and keep stress in the patient’s home to a minimum. Remember the patient is already juggling an enormous amount of stress from the cancer.
  • They must live by Cicero’s famous quote, “While there’s life, there’s hope.”
  • They must take great care of their physical and mental health. They must raise their mental health self-awareness
  • Lastly, they must continue to live their own life.

I love you Dad and I miss you!



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