Improve your mental health self-awareness by checking how you view yourself and encouraging a positive self-image


Below is a list of statements dealing with your general feelings about yourself. Please indicate how strongly you agree or disagree with each statement:

Strongly Agree = 3; Agree = 2; Disagree = 1; Strongly Disagree = 0


  1. On the whole, I am satisfied with myself.
  2. At times I think I am no good at all.
  3. I feel that I have a number of good qualities.
  4. I am able to do things as well as most other people.
  5. I feel I do not have much to be proud of.
  6. I certainly feel useless at times.
  7. I feel that I’m a person of worth, at least on an equal plane with others.
  8. I wish I could have more respect for myself.
  9. All in all, I am inclined to feel that I am a failure.
  10. I take a positive attitude toward myself.

Interpreting Scores

Items 2, 5, 6, 8, 9 are reverse scored, which means

“Strongly Disagree” = 3

“Disagree” = 2

“Agree” = 1

“Strongly Agree” = 0

Sum scores for all 10 items:

The scale ranges from 0-30:

Scores between 15 and 25 are within normal range. Scores below 15 suggest low self-esteem, and higher scores indicate higher self-esteem.


Rosenberg, M. (1965). Society and the adolescent self-image. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press.

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