Stretching exercises helps you rid your body of old and weak energy to allow to absorb new and strong energy.

Bending exercises have a similar effect in that they allow for a renewal of energy in the body parts that cannot be stretched.


Lying on your back:

Extend your arms upward over your head to their fullest extent. Gently and thoroughly stretch your arms. Repeat several times

Stretch your arms sideway. Out and in, several times

Stretch your legs sideway. Out and in, several times

Stretch your neck sideway several times.

Stretch the hand and fingers. Move your hands backward and forward from the wrist. Clench and unclench your fist; open and close your fingers.

Turn over and lie on your stomach with your face down on a pillow or on the floor. Repeat the above exercises in this position.

Rise to your feet and stand with your legs spread out, your feet several feet apart, and extend your arms upward and outward (make a X shape with your body).

Shoulders & Chest:

Stand tall; feet close together; arms by your side. Draw your shoulders forward as far as they can go, hold the position for a moment, and then slowly and gently push your shoulders back as far as you can.

Take a few deep and full breaths, which will inflate your lungs and extend your chest.

Raise your shoulders upward as in a shrug, hold it, and then lower them down as much as you can.

Arms, hands, fingers & toes

Clenching your fist, twist your arms one way and then the other way.

Unclench your fist, and now twist your wrists in the same way as above while rotating your hands loosely backward and then forward.

Spread out the fingers in a fan shape and then draw them together.

Raise your toes and then lower them to their original position to help energize your calves.

Solar plexus & Sacral plexus

The solar plexus is a region situated at the bottom of your stomach that consists of a heavy network of nerves. To energize this area, you draw your abdominal muscles inward and upward for several times.

The sacral plexus is also another highly innervated area of the body that is located at in front of the lower part of the spinal cord in the hips region. This region can be stretched or bent trough specialized exercises such as yoga poses or calisthenics (e.g., hamstring or quadriceps stretches, hip adductor stretch, press up stretch, and single-knee to chest isometric stretch).


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