Standing firm on your feet, head straight, feet shoulder apart:

FEEL YOUR BALANCE: sense how your body shifts back and forth or side to side. Become aware of those minor movements.

FEEL THE SOLES OF YOUR FEET: roll gently back and forth to emphasize the sensation of your feet against the ground. Focus on a point in front of view and take your first step. Be aware of the movements of your foot and your legs as you prepare to take that step. Feel the sensation of impact as you heel touches the ground.

SLOW, FLUID MOVEMENTS: take 5 slow, fluid movements in which you push off one leg and feel how the opposite leg muscles are balancing your body as your leg travels through the air and touches the ground.

HAVE FUN WITH IT: pretend to run in slow-motion, or that you are a model walking on the runway.

STILLNESS: After you are done, stand still for a minute and feel your mind and body.

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