Neuroticism is a personality trait marked by a tendency to worry excessively and expect negative outcomes.

Check your level of neuroticism by answering the questions with the following scoring scale:

Very inaccurate = 1; Moderately inaccurate = 2; Neither inaccurate nor accurate = 3; Moderately accurate = 4; Very accurate = 5

1. Am relaxed most of the time

2.Dislike myself

3.Worry about things

4.Panic easily

5.Am very pleased with myself

6.Rarely get Irritated

7.Get stressed out easily

8.Am often down in the dumps

9.Seldom get mad

10.Fear for the worst

11.Am not easily frustrated

12.Am not easily bothered by things

13.Feel comfortable with myself

14.Often feel blue

15.Seldom feel blue

16.Have frequent mood swings

17.Remain clam under pressure

18.Feel threatened easily

19.Rarely lose my composure

20.Am filled with doubts about things


Reverse scoring for questions #1, 5, 6, 9, 11, 12, 13, 15, 17, 19 as follows:

Very inaccurate =5

Moderately inaccurate = 4

Neither inaccurate nor accurate = 3

Moderately accurate =2

Very accurate = 1

A score between 35 and 80 would be average, as we all have some “neurotic tendencies”, but anything above 80 would indicate a high level of neuroticism, which could potentially contribute to the development of an anxiety disorder or worsen an already existing anxiety disorder.


Adapted from ‘Are you neurotic’ test at



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