POSTURE: Your posture is very important, because it is a reflection of your self-image. If you walk with your head down, dragging your feet and arms, you will project submission and resignation and feel the same. On the other hand, if you stand up straight, head up, and walk with conviction, then you will project assertiveness and endurance, which will make you feel confident.

LISTEN TO EMPOWERING MESSAGES: Empowering messages can be found anywhere from music to public statements. Waking up in the morning to that kind of message is invigorating and energizing, because we naturally give it our full attention and those messages often conjure up vivid visual imagery and powerful emotions.

DRESS THE PART: Be mindful about what you wear, not because you want to be fashionable, but rather because you want to feel good and confident in your clothes. Wear colors that suit you and styles that fit your personality, not the trend that is out there. Believe me, a small compliment about your outfit will fuel your confidence!

SING OUT LOUD: Be comfortable with the sound of your voice, as it is your most important tool of communication. Singing out loud will help you familiarize yourself with your voice and actually like it…even if you sing out of tune. With practice, you will slowly begin to speak louder and with more conviction.

POSITIVE THOUGHTS IN/NEGATIVE THOUGHTS OUT: The power of self-talk is not negligible in boosting self-confidence. You become what you tell yourself you are, so get rid of negative words such as stupid or dumb, even if it is in a jest, and replace them with positive words like smart and talented. When you feel angry at yourself for example, choose negatives instead of affirmatives, and for example instead of saying “I am so dumb for making this mistake”, say “That wasn’t too smart”.

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