What follows is a list of questions pertaining to the common symptoms of social anxiety. This test has no diagnostical power, it is purely to help you raise your mental health self-awareness. Please see disclaimer

For each question, answer how frequently you experience certain symptoms:

0 = Never

1= Occasionally

2 = Half the time

3 = Most of the time

4 = All the time


  1. Felt moments of sudden terror, fear, or fright in social situations.
  2. Felt anxious, worried, or nervous about social situations.
  3. Had thoughts of being rejected, humiliated, embarrassed, ridiculed, or offending others
  4. Felt a racing heart, sweaty, trouble breathing, faint, or shaky in social situations
  5. Felt tense muscles, felt on edge or restless, or had trouble relaxing in social situations
  6. Avoided, or did not approach or enter, social situations
  7. Left social situations early or participated only minimally (e.g., said little, avoided eye contact)
  8. Spend a lot of time preparing what to say or how to act in social situations
  9. Distracted myself to avoid thinking about social situations.
  10. Needed help to cope with social situations (e.g., alcohol or medications, superstitious objects).


Sum up all the scores

A high total score indicates that you frequently experience symptoms linked to social anxiety, however it does not yield a diagnosis.

Please consult a healthcare professional if you need more help.

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