5 min to start, but you may increase time as you feel more comfortable with the practice.

Set a timer (alarm) to avoid checking the time during your practice.


Seated on a chair, bed, cushion, or on the floor.

Back upright (leaning on the wall or the back of a chair is helpful at first), and hands lay comfortably on your legs. Legs are crossed or straight.


Notice your body: its shape, weight, and touch. Relax.

Turn to the sensation of your body: feel the floor, cushion or chair on your body. Feel the connection with them. Relax and breathe.

Turn to your breath: feel the natural flow of your breath. Where do you notice it: in your abdomen, chest, throat, and nose? Don’t try to alter your breath, just let it flow naturally. Notice the cycle of your breath: when does it begin and when does it end?

You might notice that your mind is wandering: your thoughts are no longer on your breath. That’s ok, it is natural. Just acknowledge the thoughts by saying silently to yourself: “I am thinking about something else. Then, gently redirect your attention back to your breathing.

From time to time, you might let lost in your thoughts again, just acknowledge it and return to your breath. Remain kind to yourself.

(when the alarm goes off) Thank yourself graciously for having completed this practice. Love yourself and say it out loud with joy and conviction.




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