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Our session will be

  • Personalized

    Our initial session will be dedicated to assessing your current anxiety level and its effects on you.

  • Targeted

    Together, we will create a personalized anxiety-recovery plan that fits your unique needs and goals.

  • Integrative

    Achieving anxiety-free living requires a holistic approach, from understanding your anxiety and its trigger to making new life adjustments. Together, we will find out what proven anxiety hacks can be incorporated into your life.


What you’ll get

  • Online or in-person (when applicable, I can travel to you) 1-on-1 session of 90 minutes

  • Comprehensive wellness assessment, including figuring out together your anxiety level and how it has affected you and your life.

  • Personalized anxiety-recovery plan based on your needs and goals

  • Helpful tools, tips, and tricks for navigating your unique obstacles

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A peer-coaching © session is really a meeting where together we can discuss and explore ways for you to manage your anxiety and the skills that are required. We will strictly stick to your current anxiety symptoms, not how it started or how your life choices shaped it. You will leave the session with a practical plan to help you reduce/overcome your anxiety on your own and at your own pace.

Is it like counseling?

No. A better description of our peer-coaching session would be a peer-to-peer support session. We do not dwell on psychological issues or past/present trauma, we only focus on the actual symptoms of anxiety and what works in reducing them.

how long is a peer-coaching © session and how many do i need to take?

The initial coaching session is 90 minutes. First, we will discuss about your anxiety and how it Has affected you. Second, you will be introduced to various methods for reducing anxiety, and lastly, we will put together a plan that includes the methods that are a best fit in your life.

All subsequent sessions will be 45 minutes and will be focused on reviewing your achievements since the last session, as well as looking at general progress made.

Since we promote self-empowerment and DIY (do-it-yourself) recovery, these sessions can be taken at your own discretion, and they can be scheduled at any point in time (if you feel that you need more help and guidance).


Sessions can be scheduled here or through the contact form. Typically, they will be taking place at a time that we both agree upon, and I will keep a flexible schedule on an as needed basis. I am also happy to meet in person if travelling is possible (please keep in mind that in the case of peer-coaching for social anxiety, it is recommended to meet in person whenever possible). Remote sessions will be held via Zoom or Skype (more media options to come).

can you guarantee that my anxiety will go away after a session with you?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that you will successfully overcome anxiety after a certain number of sessions with us, because only you can guarantee that. There are so many factors that contribute to a successful recovery from anxiety, one of which is you. How motivated you are to make changes, how diligent you are in your efforts, and whether or not you are flexible and cooperative in the decisions you make. Personally, it took me three years to feel normal again after my anxiety attack, but when I began my journey towards recovery, I was feeling a little bit better every days, and that is what we can promise you if you stick to your plan and persevere.

can i get a refund if i don’t get the results i wanted?

Since a successful recovery depends strictly on you, we do not offer refunds on any sessions (first or subsequent). Remember that the ultimate goal is for you to work on your anxiety on your own and at your own pace, and what we provide are the tools and skills to help you achieve it. If you encounter difficulties, please check back with us and together we can help you identify the obstacles and make the necessary modifications.

how much is a peer- coaching © session?

The initial session is $82 and all subsequent sessions are $49.


Anyone from 21 and above can book a session. If you are between 15 and 21 year-old, we will request a parent or adult guardian to sign a consent form and to attend the session.