Body Image Quiz: Understanding Your Relationship with Body Image


This quiz aims to help you explore your thoughts and feelings about your body image. Answer each question honestly based on your personal experiences and feelings. Choose the option that best reflects your thoughts or behaviors.

1. How often do you compare your appearance to others, whether in person or on social media?

a) Rarely or never

b) Occasionally

c) Frequently

d) Almost constantly

2. How do you feel about your body when you look in the mirror?

a) Mostly positive and accepting

b) Neutral

c) Sometimes dissatisfied or critical

d) Consistently dissatisfied or critical

3. When you think about your body, what emotions come to mind most often?

a) Happiness and contentment

b) Indifference

c) Anxiety or dissatisfaction

d) Shame or self-loathing

4. How often do you engage in negative self-talk about your body (e.g., criticizing your weight, shape, or appearance)?

a) Rarely or never

b) Occasionally

c) Frequently

d) Constantly

5. Do you avoid certain activities or social situations because of how you feel about your body?

a) No, my body image doesn’t affect my participation in activities or socializing.

b) Rarely, but occasionally I may feel self-conscious.

c) Sometimes, I avoid certain situations due to concerns about my appearance.

d) Yes, I frequently avoid activities or socializing because of my body image concerns.

6. How much time do you spend thinking about your appearance on a typical day?

a) Very little time, if any

b) A moderate amount of time

c) Quite a bit of time

d) A significant portion of my day

7. Have you ever engaged in extreme dieting, over-exercising, or other behaviors to change your appearance?

a) No, I have never engaged in these behaviors.

b) I have considered it but have not acted upon it.

c) I have tried these behaviors in the past but no longer do.

d) Yes, I currently engage in these behaviors or have done so recently.

8. How would you rate your overall satisfaction with your body image?

a) Very satisfied

b) Moderately satisfied

c) Moderately dissatisfied

d) Very dissatisfied



a) = 1 point, b) = 2 points, c) = 3 points, d) = 4 points



8-16 points: You have a positive and healthy body image.

17-24 points: You may have some minor body image concerns, but overall, your relationship with your body is relatively positive.

25-32 points: You have moderate body image concerns and may benefit from practicing self-compassion and seeking support.

33-40 points: You have significant body image concerns that may be impacting your overall well-being. It’s important to prioritize self-care and consider seeking professional help or support.