Below is a list of anxiety hacks claimed to be effective at reducing anxiety and preventing a panic attack. Some of them are our own MindRise tested hacks (MR) and others we gathered from the internet.
Feel free to submit your own hacks (tested by you) to be officially added to the list.
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When you feel a panic attack coming, take a sip of water, let it swirl in your tongue for a few seconds, and then swallow it very slowly. By changing your focus from your thoughts to your mouth and throat, you are able to halt the panicky feelings. (MR)


When feeling extremely anxious, plunge your hands into ice water or splash it on your face. The cold water will jolt your anxious feelings away.


In the throngs of an anxiety attack, give yourself permission to cry and let the tears flow. Crying can provide emotional catharsis.


When feeling anxious in a confined space, focus on other people’s face and notice how they are feeling. Their calmness could influence your state of mind and reducing your anxiety. (MR)


When a panic attack is rising, just ride it, don’t avoid it. Consciously going through a panic attack can reduce its intensity and reduce its saliency in the long-term.


If you feel a panic attack rising while in a confined space, consciously review the situation by highlighting the positives. For example, remind yourself that there is plenty of oxygen and that you are breathing fine, or point out the fact that the others around you are feeling perfectly fine. (MR)


If at a moment you are feeling particularly anxious, move your body. Take a brisk walk, run, dance silly, or do any other type of cardio exercises. You are looking to exert yourself physically to stop your mind from focusing on the anxiety. (MR)


When feeling anxious, remove your tongue from the top of your mouth and hold it still. Focusing on your tongue can help stop ruminating thoughts


When feeling anxious, stick your tongue out, curl it in a straw shape, and inhale and exhale through it. The cool air sensation you get on your tongue can help you calm your anxiety (MR)


When feeling anxious, peeling an orange with bare hands can have a relaxing effect. Research on aromatherapy shows that the smell of citrus has a calming effect on the body


Drink a glass of milk before bed to help reduce your anxiety and fall asleep. (MR)


If you feel like you are about to experience a panic attack, inhale 7 times, taking small “sips” of air each time, and counting to 7 (one number for each breath). Make sure to breathe deep into your low belly, rather than puffing up your chest. Then, hold your breath for 4 seconds. Finally, slowly exhale for 8 seconds, counting it out in your mind as you exhale (“8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1”).


If you feel like you are about to experience a panic attack, inhale for a count of 4. Hold your breath in for a count of 4. Exhale for a count of 4. Finally, hold your breath out for a count of 4.


Eating a fistful of cashews or a banana helps soothe the nervous system and calm the body.


When feeling particularly anxious, taking a hot shower can help reduce tension by relaxing your muscles.


When feeling anxious, hold a copper ball in your bare hands and breathe deeply. This promotes grounding and adds a feeling of being in control.


When hyperventilating, holding your breath for a few seconds can help reset your breathing. It will initially intensify, but if you are able to stick with it you can feel your breathing rate slow down.


When feeling anxious, name five thing you can see, four things you can hear, three things you can touch/feel, two things you can smell, one thing you can taste. You can do any order and number. This grounding technique can help reduce your anxiety.


Manipulating a fidget cube can help release some anxious and restless energy


Using weighted blankets can help reduce anxiety through stimulation of sensory nerves


When you feel a panic attack coming, starting from 100 count backwards by 3. Distracted your mind is an effective way to halt a panic attack


Put lavender oil in a diffuser or in the bath for instant calming effects


Keep a notebook and write down a self-soothing sentence. Write the words backward. Then, using your non-dominant hand, rewrite the words forward. This exercise demands a certain level of concentration that will help lower your anxiety.


Keep an anxiety diary. When feeling anxious, focus on what seems to be causing the anxiety … maybe a forthcoming social situation or whatever, and write down the situation in one column. In next column write down the worst thing that can happen; and in the third column note the very best outcome that you can hope for. Later on, you can revisit that particular event by reading what you wrote.


Do a puzzle when feeling anxious


Focusing on your anxious feeling, start rubbing your hands together (arms extending in front of you) Continue rubbing your hands together but this time lift your hands so that they are in front of your face. Now, you are triggering a feeling of gratitude. Then give yourself a hug by gently stroking your arms from shoulders to elbows. Finally gently stroke your face across the forehead down to the side of the face on the cheeks and under the eyes (Based on the Havening technique by Dr Robin Youngson)


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